The Beauty Of The Atelier Dusk Trilogy

*Light* Spoilers For The Atelier Dusk Trilogy

(This is legitimately the best video game trilogy ever, Please go play it!)

Note: Quickly before I begin, I would like to give a shoutout to a “new” blogger that I think has a lot of potential. His name is Daze3x, Here’s a link to his blog. He makes posts about SAO, Fate, Etc. Now since that’s done, Lets move onto the actually post!


Greetings everyone, Al here! Today I’m going to be doing a blog post on my personal favorite Atelier games(The Dusk Trilogy). A question that may come to mind is “Al, Why are you doing this?”, Well for those of you who don’t know me, Atelier is my favorite franchise…like ever.

With the recent rise in popularity of the franchise because of Atelier Ryza, I thought I would strike while the iron is hot, and talk about my favorite video game trilogy ever!

I’m under a lot of pressure just covering this topic, It’s the collection of media that means the most to me, So even covering this is going to be really hard for me. Enough about me, I hope you enjoy the post! Ok enough stalling let’s get into this post!

Quick note: A lot of new fans have been getting the wrong idea about this franchise, Don’t be one of them! This series DOES have fan service, but it is by no means a “selling point” of the franchise, If you’re just in it for the fan service, then leave, this series won’t have what you’re looking for.



Atelier Ayesha’s Progression works like this! so basically throughout the game, the player completes objectives through harvesting items, combat, or fusing items together. Objectives are given as the game’s story proceeds. There is, however, no systematic objectives, and the only goal is to reunite Ayesha with her sister Nio again. You have to figure out how to save Nio on you’re own by exploring and looking for clues!

The Battle system in Ayesha(Game) is turn-based and the fastest of your active party members will receive the first turn. The game’s main character, Ayesha, is the only character in the game who can use items in battle, which is the main element in the game’s battle system. The party members can support you by performing actions such as defending or attacking. There are also skills and items that are effective within a certain range of the enemies. A lot of this stuff is very similar to the Arland games.

The Alchemy system is a bit more watered down in Ayesha compared to other entries in the franchise, all the main stays are there, there’s just a little less complexity to it.

The Time limit in this game is WAY more lenient than the Arland games, I think it’s better this way since it’s more friendly to newcomers to the franchise.

I think all of these factors make the gameplay of Ayesha fun, while still standing out from the Arland trilogy. I will say though, that out of the Dusk games, this is gameplay-wise my least favorite in the trilogy.

Escha & Logy:

Atelier Escha & Logy allows players to choose between Two protagonists, The aforementioned Escha or Logy. The main storyline remains the same, but certain events are only available using either Escha or Logy.

Atelier Escha & Logy is a turn based JRPG with a hefty Alchemy system. The Game clocks in at around 45~ish hours to complete the main story.

The Progression system in Escha and Logy is pretty different to Ayesha. You work for the R&D division in a small town called colseit, So instead of looking for clues like in Ayesha, you are doing odd jobs for the town’s government. There are a total of 9 main assignments you are given.

The Combat is mostly the same as Ayesha, Except now you use 6 party members in battle at a time, 3 in the front and 3 in the back, you can tag them in and out at will, while also using them to tag attacks off of each other. Also both of the main alchemists can use items in battle. There’s also a “burst” system, that is basically a meter that fills up and lets you do a special attack along with a few other things.

With the new synthesis system, the player can combine different items, The two protagonists Escha and Logy both use different kinds of tools to synthesize different types of items.

All of these elements combined makes this, one of the most fun entries to play in the entire series!


Your able to choose one of two characters (Shallotte and Shallistera), each with a differing storyline and adventure. In comparison to previous Atelier games, fields are significantly larger, and the player is able to harvest a wider variety of items to use for the game’s alchemy system! Field actions differ depending on the character this time around! Meaning Shallotte and Shallistera both can do different things while you’re out and about in the game’s fields.

Time limits are completely gone in Shallie! So now you can do tasks at your own leisure! though there are a lot more little filler tasks you have to do this time around. This new system is known as the “life task system”.

Just like in Escha and Logy, the Battle system involves parties of up to six characters, where consecutive attacks fill a Burst gauge, allowing the player to use stat buffs and special skills.

The Alchemy system is nearly the same as the previous 2 games, so yeah!

I think gameplay-wise, this is hands down the best entry in the series. The gameplay is just so much more fun in this entry compared to some of the others in the franchise.

Music & Art

Music and Art are going to share the same section since they are both Important to the experience of the dusk trilogy but I don’t have a pantheon to say about them!

Official Soundtrack’s art (For Escha and Logy)

The music in the dusk trilogy has such a magical dream like vibe to it, Especially Ayesha and Escha & Logy, Those two games have soundtracks that have really stuck with me. The ost in Escha & Logy is my go to “relaxing music”, It always calms me down and fills to the brim with joy. The track “The Red Sky” gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, It reminds of the first time I ever played Escha and Logy, and my senses are just flooded with conflicting emotions. Another track that really gets me, is integrated hexagon from Escha and Logy, It’s not actually used in the game but instead used in the promotions for the game, and I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard this track I cried, It was after I just beat Escha and Logy for the first time, and the song just summarized my feelings on the game so well… It’s really hard for me to explain.

Then there’s these games absolutely amazing openings, The visuals and the music always makes these a delight to watch! They are ranked as my literal favorite “Music videos” ever…

For the dusk trilogy’s art, I have nothing to say other then these games have some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. I would like you to take a look at some of the beautiful art on display in these games.

There are plenty more examples, but I will leave at this for now for the sake of brevity. I really do suggest checking out the art books for these games if your interested, They are so beautiful!

Main Cast:

In this section, I’m going to give a brief run down of each focal Alchemist’s personality and backstory, and then talk about why I enjoy there character!


Ayesha is a enjoyable enough character, though if I’m honest, I never grew quite attached to her as much as some of the other Alchemists throughout the franchise.

Backstory: Ayesha is a young apothecary living in a small and secluded workshop with her elderly grandfather and younger sister Nio Altugle. Nio goes missing and Ayesha vows to become an alchemist, so she can have the strength need to find her sister.

Personality: Ayesha is a very naïve person, although she is still very kind. She is known for her upbeat attitude and for never giving up on her goals, no matter how impossible or difficult they may seem.

(Most of the info from this section was provided by the Atelier’s Wiki)


She’s a really fun character. As you play more of the game you really get to see her shine a lot more, and get to truly understand her character a lot more compared to the beginning of the game. Another thing to note is She’s also a lot more of the protagonist of the game then Logy is, since her story ties into the main villain of the game’s backstory. Here’s a bit about her!

Backstory: Escha’s mother passed away when she was young, and her mother’s close friend Clone has a motherly role to her.

“To go to The Unexplored Ruin in the sky” has been her dream since she was young. Her mother used to read her many folklores, and many of them were about The Unexplored Ruin. Therefore, she feels like the ruin is important to her.

Personality: Escha is often shown to be quite quirky and cheerful, and often shows her feelings very clearly. She is full of energy and is also very curious. She is sometimes a little shy, though, and may not always think about her actions. She is very hardworking, and became a part of the development project because she wanted to help others by using her own knowledge about older alchemy.

(Most of the info from this section was provided by the Atelier’s Wiki)

Logix (Logy)

He’s my favorite character in all of fiction, I find him to be very relatable to me as a person, and overall I just find him to be an enjoyable and sympathetic character. Here’s why!

Backstory: Logix is an alchemist from Central City that traveled to the remote town Colseit in order to work for their development team. He heard about the lack of people in Colseit from an acquaintance, and decided to come to the town.

Long before Logy came to Colseit, he used to work as an alchemist developing airships in Central. Happy for being recognized, he worked hard on a new airship engine. However, he felt that his mechanic colleagues didn’t understand his work, lost trust in them, and continued to research on his own without listening to their feedback. After his research failed and caused a great fire accident, he left the city out of guilt for the casualties, one of the people who was gravely injured was a close friend to Logy.

Personality: I relate a lot to his personality, He’s reserved and a little cold, A bit socially awkward, He can come off as a bit of a dick but he has good intentions and tries to become closer with people usually ending up in failure.

Jeez that was long!

(Not all of the info from this section was provided from Atelier’s Wiki but a decent amount of it was)

Shalliestera (Shallie)

Shallisestera is a decently cute character but nothing special.

Backstory: She is an alchemist and the daughter of the village chief who searches for a means to save her home, Lugion Village.

Personality: She’s very socially awkward, Naive, Clueless, Shy, But also kind and responsible.

She’s not super deep or anything, but she’s a fun enough character!

(Most of the info from this section was provided by the Atelier’s Wiki)

Shallotte (Shallie…Again)

Shallotte is a super fun character to watch and I was constantly rooting for her throughout the course of Atelier Shallie.

Personality: Shallie is very cheerful and outgoing, often doing crazy things without thinking much about the consequences.

Backstory: Shallie is an inexperienced young girl who obtains few subcontracting jobs. She works as an alchemist and continues to run her late father’s atelier. Her goal is to become rich and achieve something with her melancholy, boring life.

(Most of the info from this section was provided by the Atelier’s Wiki)

Supporting Cast

These games have an amazing supporting cast. Most of the supporting cast becomes party members throughout the course of these games, and I’ll be honest, there’s 20+ of them, and that’s just way too many to cover in the time I’ve allocated to this blog post.

All these characters have there own fun stories to tell. They may not be the most fleshed out characters in a video game or anything, but you can see the heart the writers and developers put into them.

Though I will take the time to talk about the only character to be playable in all 3 of the dusk trilogy games, Wilbell Voll-Erslied! One of my personal favorite Atelier characters.

Wilbell Voll-Erslied!

Wilbell is a fan favorite character, Who is extremely cute and funny! she was a main stay in my party for all 3 games. Actually being the MVP of my party in Ayesha and Shallie.

Personality: She is trying to become a full fledged witch, and struggles to gain her great-great grandmother’s approval. She is an incredibly determined person, but still remains optimistic and curious.

I really don’t want to spoil her arc since it stretches across all 3 games, just know, she’s got a really great and fun arc. Plus her events are some of the most fun in the entire franchise.

(lowkey want to dress up as her next halloween)

(Most of the info from this section was provided by the Atelier’s Wiki)

Why These Games Mean The World To Me!

Have you ever indulged yourself in a piece of media(Whether that be a movie, an album, a video game, a book,etc) and realized that it was a perfect reflection of you. What I mean by that, is a piece of media that vibes with you to a T, Something that you could genuinely say represents you as a person, or at the very least really relatable to you. That’s what the Dusk trilogy is for me.

Not only did the dusk trilogy help me get through a time in my life where I had nothing to live for, It’s also just phenomenal to me in literally every way, The music, The characters, The art, The gameplay, it’s all just so me. If I were to ever make my dream piece of media it would be very similar to the dusk trilogy in nearly every way.

I just love these games so fucking much…


I hope I convinced you guys to pick up these games. I literally poured my heart and soul into this post, and I really hope it shows. Please play the dusk trilogy or the re-release of it coming out next year. I love you all to bits…


4 thoughts on “The Beauty Of The Atelier Dusk Trilogy

  1. So this post was everything I expected it would be and more! Simply fantastic!

    Throughout the entire post your love and passion for the Dusk Trilogy, and the Atelier series as a whole, really shines through. It’s very clear that you care a lot for this series and that it means the world to you, and to see that displayed in the form of an in depth post about the series is something truly special.

    I haven’t had the chance to play these games yet, but I’ve been meaning to check them out for the longest time, especially given how much they mean to you, and I think with the remasters on the horizon, there’s no better time to do so than now.

    You’ve really sold the trilogy to me and you’ve done an excellent job conveying why the games are so special to you and what makes them great.

    This is why I blog. This is why I enjoy reading other people’s blogs. This is why writing is, and always will be, my passion. Just seeing content like this, that discusses media in such a positive way, where someone pours their soul into their words to show how deeply they connect with something, brings a smile to my face.

    Fantastic post Alice. And by far your best work yet. You’ve come such a long way since your first post and it shows.

    As always, keep up the good work. You’ve become an inspiration to me and my own work, and this post was so full of love and was so enjoyable to read that I’m now motivated to do one of my own about something I love.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Ryza. And whatever else you have planned for the future.

    Be proud of it! ^-^

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